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Land is Free
Land is Free

SA41. WHAT FAMOUS PEOPLE SAID ABOUT LAND contributed by Frank de Jong

| Land Is Free |

Steal the gooseAbraham Lincoln[1]

Albert Einstein

Charity is false


Sun Yat-sen

Bertrand Russell

246430_10100102607410837_971220674_nAdam Smith 2

Henry Ford


InfrastructureI'm afraid youJames Tobin

John Haynes Holmes


John Steuart Mill

Ken Sara-Wiwa

LVT is just

Mark Twain

Paul Samuelson



Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Paine

Welfare for the wealthy

William Vickery

Winston Churchill

Without LVT

Working man


Adam Smithfdr

land labour capital

Adam Smith

Helen Keller


Frank Lloyd Wright

Henry George 2LVT is just

Milton Friedman

Bosses vs Workers

Africa is not poor

Henry George

Herbert Simon










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