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Land is Free
Land is Free

SA 86. It’s rather Odd………….. By Tommas Graves


Two Martians are looking down on GB. With their amazing eyes they can see a huge number of people all at once, and they also can see all money movements, whether in cash or entries on bank statements.

The first one speaks; (I translate from the Martian!)

“Gosh! Look at them all going to work. The ones who go to work make everything they want, and you can see the Added Value they create. It’s enough for all their food and expenses, and enough to pay for any improvements they want to increase their production.”

Second Martian. “But look, they don’t get much of it. It seems that there is one person in charge of the whole product, and he only pays the workers a small part of their product. Then he pays a lot more to government offices, then he sends another chunk to some people with bigger houses who don’t go to work.”

“First Martian. Yes, and look, the workers have taken their money and used some for their expenses, but they also send chunks to the people with bigger houses who don’t go to work. And now the government is sending some of the money sent to them back again.”

Second Martian. “Well, what do they do that for? And look again! Some of the money is coming back from the big houses, to be used by the workers for the improvements they want to increase their production. But I can see that it still belongs to the people in the big houses, and they add an extra bit before the money comes back to them.”

First Martian. “No wonder they have bigger houses then.  But what makes them send all that money only to borrow it back again? That seems senseless to me.”

Second Martian. “There is no-one forcing them to do it, so they must be brainwashed to do such funny things. You would think it would be much more sensible for those who do the work to keep back what they need for improvements.”

First Martian. “But then the ones with bigger houses could not have them.  I suppose they would be rather sad. But all the rest would be much happier.”

Second Martian. “It’s all rather odd. There’s nowt so queer as folk!”

Tommas   21.2.2018



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