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Land is Free
Land is Free

SA62. A Huge Extra Resource, by Ed Dodson

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Ed has very kindly given us access to the fruit of the last twenty years work. Click on this link to get to thirteen slide presentations, each of about thirty slides. The second link below will take you to a vast trove of quotations about land, by author and by country.


Edward J. Dodson, M.L.A.

The PowerPoint presentations provided here report on most of the important sectors of the United States economy as well as important benchmarks of the well-being of the members of our society.

This material represents a significant expansion of the twice-yearly report I have for a decade prepared for delivery in the classroom and for distribution to subscribers. From this point on, the report will be updated annually and delivered as a semester-long course.

I continue to make this report available without restriction concerning use of the material. However, as the images, charts and graphs are taken from websites found on the internet, I cannot assert that all of the material is exempt from copyright restrictions under the fair use doctrine. None of the images utilized are marked with a copyright notation.


The Principles of Cooperative Individualism

Cooperative Individualism is the name given to a unique socio-political philosophy as well as the basis for citizens of any society to establish a system of law that secures and protects individual liberty, equality of opportunity and human rights. The building blocks of Cooperative Individualism are the principles that appear in the column to the right. Read them. Study them. Give them serious thought. Let me know whether you concur that these principles are consistent with your moral sense of right and wrong.
  • That, all persons share the same species-specific characteristics and have a similar need for the goods (e.g., adequate food, clothing, shelter, nurturing, medical care, education, leisure, culture and civic involvement) for a decent human existence.
  • That, we join together in society to enhance our ability to acquire such goods and for our mutual benefit and enjoyment.
  • That, the source of the material goodsnecessary for our survival is the earth, equal access to which is the birthright of all persons, as is the full enjoyment of what individuals produce therefrom.
  • That, liberty is the basis for moral human behavior, inherent in which is the constraint that such behavior in no way infringes on the liberty of others.
  • That, human behavior falls outside the realm of liberty and within the realm of criminal license when such behavior violates the liberty of others.
  • That, the orderly functioning of society requires the granting to individuals of licenses that distribute privileges not enjoyed by others. To the extent such licenses come to have exchange value in the marketplace, this value is acknowledged to be societally-created. Justice requires, therefore, that society collect this value as a fund for equal distribution to all members of society and/or for societal expenditures democratically agreed upon; and
  • That, a society is just the extent to which liberty is fully realized, equality of opportunity prevails, criminal license is appropriately penalized, the full exchange value of economic licenses is collected for distribution and/or societal use, and the wealth produced by one’s individual labor (directly, or indirectly, with the assistance of capital goods) is protected as one’s naturally rightful property and not subject to taxation or other forms of confiscation.


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