THE LAND SONG          1910 version

Tune: “Marching Through Georgia.”

Sound the blast for freedom, boys, and send it far and wide,
March along to victory, for God is on our side,
While the voice of nature thunders o’er the rising tide:
“God made the land for the people”.

Chorus       The land, the land, ’twas God who made the land,

The land, the land, the ground on which we stand,

Why should we be beggars with the ballot in our hand?

God gave the land to the people.

Hark! The shout is swelling from the east and from the west!
Why should we beg work and let the landlords take the best?
Make them pay their taxes for the land, we’ll risk the rest!
The land was meant for the people.


The banner has been raised on high to face the battle din,
The army now is marching on, the struggle to begin,
We’ll never cease our efforts ’til the victory we win,
And the land is free for the people.


Clear the way for liberty, the land must all be free,
Britons will not falter in the fight tho’ stern it be.
Till the flag we love so well shall wave from sea to sea,
O’er the land that’s free for the people.



           LAND MONOPOLY MUST CLEAR by W D Hamilton

           (Air “Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, the Boys are Marching.”)

Cheer up comrades, look on high, Light is breaking in the sky

And the Glorious Truth to all will soon appear,

Which doth guide us in the fight, ‘Gainst the tyranny of might.

Land Monopoly from off the earth must clear.

Chorus    Tramp, tramp, tramp, the boys are marching,

All along the line we’ll make them clear, make them clear!

On this principle we stand, that the values of the Land

Shall be paid into the Treasury every year.


ECONOMIC RENT by Renate Schmidt 2002

Rent, –  Rent? –  What is Rent?

How does it come about? How is it spent?

Are all the holders of the land the ones to take the most or all of this Rent?

Rent; Rent is generated by us all –

by farmer, plumber, teacher,lawyer, mother.

It is surplus generated by the ingenuity of Man

through intellect, emotion and by hand –

on sea, in air, on land.

One World – One humanity;

The gift from THE CREATOR to past and present and the future

with love and care and all its powers –

Rent is not mine, its Ours.